Bakonbitz (bakon for short) is a level 40 sentinel knight w/ valiant,space ranger and samurai. He has made the property Hang Out Spot with animated minifigs. He has completed all venture explorer,avant gardens,gnarled forest,forbidden valley,crux prime and ninjago missions. His best score in AVs is 18:13 with 1600 points. Bakon's best helmet is the dragon Helm Mk III Best Shoulderpads are ethier the knight rank 3 shoulderpads of the nexus force cape Best shirt is the shark shirt Best pants is explorien bot pants Weapons: fantastic pillum with wolf shield of valiant knight powerjouster He is working on buying the shard armor and valiant knight cape. BakonBitz also started the bakon petition on the lu message boards. just search no more lu? in the message boards

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