CosmicMagentaAegis is a level 44

Paradox minifig with all the rank 3 faction gear and has both valiants and has around 30 friends.His favorite weapons are the the Wormholer and the Doomslicer.He hates Spiderlings,pirates and uncool bad guys.He joined in September 2011 and got membership on October 6.He is always prepared for a fight.His favorite friends are TwisterTheNinja,liru,DryLameMachine,sparky4,and SeargeantElectronGlacier.He loves to fight at Crux Prime and loves to smash Butterscorch.His favorite things to wear are the Shark Shirt,Dragon Helm MKIII,Crux Prime Armor,Explorien Bot Pants,and the Dragon Disguise.He loves to get a fun friend to hang out with and the most people that have been online that are his friends are 10.He is also very inspirational.

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