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Also known as BricksterJohn, a former player in lego universe. He is famous for:

  • being the first to earn the jester shirt and hat
  • First to earn one million property reputation points
  • Leading the large clan known as Team Brick
  • Being a former owner the of top properties in all 4 original  property areas, as well as the top overall, fort brick , until  his mysterious disappearance.
  • Winning the Advent Gardens Survival tournament
  • Being a personal friend of the famous Lego racing  champion, and former top property holder, Gallardo
  • Mysteriously dissapearing, leaving behind a sizable clan and empire to divide and crumble. His disappearance is the subject of many rumors and speculation, most of which have not been confirmed. (see below)

Mysterious DisappearanceEdit

Various rumors have surfaced since his mysterious disappearance, each with at least some basis in fact. Some of the more popular ones include:

1.) Employed by lego

-it is confirmed that he was working on them on in-game contests, which never occurred due to the premature closing of the game. Whether he worked with them beyond that is unclear.

2.) Died (disproved)

-Contact has been established with JohnBrick in 2013 by Architect125, an in-game friend. 

3.) Escaped boundaries of the game

  • His character is rumored to have escaped the charted boundaries of Lego Universe, where he was unable (or unwilling) to return
  • Team members have confirmed that JohnBrick was working on a machine capable of breaching the             property barrier, with some success. He certainly had a knack for getting outside the boundaries of the game's map. For some reason, he believed something special lay beyond the Block Yard property boundary in particular, which proved the most difficult to penetrate.

Current Activity

JohnBrick is currently running a large LEGO facebook fan page called I Love LEGO and a blog about Lego minibuilds called "Bricks Come True". He has as of yet made no comment about any of the above theories.

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