Here are some LEGO Universe Minecraft places that I have worked on.

I'd like to thank itotalyrock1 for his YouTube video that provided most or all the reference material I needed to recreate places in the Great Tree, Mantis Rock, and Ravencloud Gate!

Great Tree

It all started on 7op's server around July 2012.  I created most of the tree and all the buildings from watching YouTube videos.  Many people also helped with suggestions and finishing touches.

I also want to thank the following people for providing encouragement, help, memories, and suggestions:

Bumbaca             for filling up the pool with water at Brickmaster Clang's
CaesarOctavius  for the flag behind the Master Fong Shader's Dojo
SirComputer       for enchanting items in the mailbox
penguinx37        for moving FV so it could be expanded
Israphel             for George Timbers's Crows Nest Crate
TheBuilder        for moving FV again
Captain_Castle for setting the warp to FV
Slappy              for setting the warp to the relocated FV
Duke247          for helping with the Dragonmaw Chasm racetrack minecart ride
The Falcon      for gemstone ores in Dragonmaw Chasm
sperati             for autostart in the racetrack
Myriad            for track switching in the racetrack

Mantis Rock

One of my favorite farming areas. 
All the blocks were played manually (i.e. before I had world/edit permissions.)

 Ravencloud Gate

I have world/edit for this build, but it still took a long time.  I don't have pictures of the completed front area.
Since the entire Forbidden Valley build (Mantis Rock, Great Tree and Ravencloud Gate) is so high up off the ground, it's a pain if one were to fall off.  CaesarOctavius showed me how to make this TNT cannon that simulates the bouncer that was on the right of the front of the gate.  If done right, it works just like the bouncer! :D (i.e. it throws you over the wall to the other side.)  We experimented on the ground far below.

Dragonmaw Chasm Racetrack

I can't believe I don't have pictures of it!!  It was a completed minecart ride :(
I'd like to thank 711legoboy for his YouTube video that made the recreation possible.
Here is a picture of the entrance.

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