Pet Cove is now open atLego Unicraft and ... it's awesome!  They even replaced the music discs with LU music!See Lego Unicraft News on Pet Cove

Here are some pictures:

2013-08-24 07.11.38

Pet Cove Launchpad Area

2013-08-24 07.07.37

View from top of the tower

2013-08-24 07.16.24

View of the Tower


2013-08-24 07.18.03

View from tower

2013-08-24 07.19.02

Area with the dogs

A huge round of applause to:

  • HunterBlackbrick
  • shrinks99
  • legobrigs
  • MrVarou


  • ProfessorBrickkeeper (for creating the base)

How to visit the server

The best way to visit their worlds is to download their resource pack.

Resource Pack Download or HunterBlackbrick's LegoUni-Craft© (16x16) on Planet Minecraft

You can find the IP to their Minecraft server here.

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