• Jamesster.LEGO

    A remake of the Ninja Training Mech in LEGO Digital Designer. The original .nif file for the mech wasn't optimized, all the studs and tubes for the bricks were still there. This meant that remaking it was simply a matter of taking the bricks of the model apart in a 3D modelling program and then re-constructing the model in LDD. As far as I know this is 100% accurate to the original, official model, but if you find any errors feel free to let me know. I got the basic idea for remaking the mech when I first noticed that the model would be fairly easy to recreate due to the lack of optimization. I wasn't the only one to get the idea, aronwk also remade the mech in LDD, however, the version he sent me had a couple of mistakes, mainly due to th…

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