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    LEGO Fan fiction: Agents.

    February 22, 2012 by Simon5750

    Lego Agents: Infernos Plot.

    It was a humid day in New Brick City, the tourists were out, the businesses were booming, but little did these happy minifigures know, the fate of the planet was about to be hanging in the balance…Far, far away, in the Galapagos islands, a huge volcano had become active for the first time in eons, and a huge doorway was carved into the solid stone, a squad of minifigures in black and orange jumpsuits came running out of the door, they carried blasters, and had helmets that hid their identity, they stood in the hot morning air, waiting. A shimmer appeared in the air, a distortion? No, a cloak, a black ship covered in green lights and tubes appeared in thin air, and emitted a strange whirring noise, it landed on a…

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